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Friday, December 5, 2014

This Week in Satellite News! (28 Nov – 5 Dec 2014)


SpinSat Experimental Satellite Deployed from ISS

The Special Purpose Inexpensive Satellite (SpinSat) has been deployed from the International Space Station (ISS) through the Japanese Experiment Module Airlock (JEMAL). The 50-kg, 22-inch diameter spacecraft is dotted with a series of thrusters that will test an Electrically-controlled Solid Propellant (ESP) system from Digital Solid State Propulsion (DSSP).

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Bristow Helicopters Using Iridium, Thales for Satellite Broadband

Bristow Helicopters has selected Iridium’s OpenPort service to provide satellite broadband through Thales’ LiveAero product for its Sikorsky S-92 helicopters. The rotorcraft, which are purposed for search and rescue missions, will now allow emergency responders on board to send real-time transmissions of patient vitals to land-based medical staff. Broadband through Iridium and Thales will also be used for accessing automated electronic patient information to improve in-flight medical care.

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NHK to Broadcast 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 8K

Japanese public broadcaster NHK has been at the forefront of advances in video technology with its ambitious plan to deliver content in 8K, or “Super Hi-Vision” (SHV). Previously NHK had planned to begin testing 8K broadcasts in 2020, but once the International Olympic Committee (IOC) chose Tokyo to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, that year shifted from a trial date to an actualization date.

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Airbus, ESA Conduct Gigabit Laser Connection Between Satellites

Airbus Defence and Space and the European Space Agency (ESA) have completed a test linking the Thales Alenia Space-built Sentinel 1A satellite with the Airbus-built Alphasat satellite using Laser Communication Terminals (LCTs). The data transfer between Sentinel 1A, orbiting at 700 km in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), and Alphasat at 36,000km in Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) reached 0.6 Gbps out of a possible 1.8 Gbps over 45,000 km.

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Inmarsat Approves Hughes 9211-HDR Portable BGAN Terminal

Hughes Network Systems’ new Hughes 9211-High Data Rate (HDR) Portable BGAN Terminal has received Inmarsat-type approval. The Hughes 9211-HDR is designed to provide high performance mobile satellite connectivity in challenging environments. The device supports an average speed of 650 kbps and can reach up to 800 kbps over Inmarsat’s BGAN HDR service.

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