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Thursday, October 23, 2014

This Week in Satellite News! (17 Oct – 24Oct 2014)


Electron to Launch at Least Once Per Week, Says Rocket Lab CEO

October 23, 2014. Rocket Lab, manufacturer of the Electron small satellite launch vehicle, has set its sights on launching no less than once per week when commercial operations begin. The company grabbed headlines after announcing that it had already signed 30 customers for the as-of-yet proven launch vehicle.

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M2M technology: aiding a smart approach to climate change

Posted by Chloe Green on 24 October 2014
Ten years ago, expensive ground-based climate change equipment was unconnected. In one case a forty mile hike into the Siberian wilderness was required to recalibrate a device and take readings. Aside from manually operated equipment, very expensive NASA satellites were the primary means of data acquisition, but this was not helped in 2009 when NASA’s $273 million Orbiting Carbon Observatory crashed into the ocean three minutes after launch.

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Different Industries Debate the Potential of UAVs and the Need for Satellite

By Mark Holmes, October 24, 2014
[Via Satellite 10-24-2014] Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are growing in popularity with a number of industries looking into the potential and benefits of using UAVs for their businesses. From train operators and energy companies, to farming and environmental organizations, the interest grows by the minute.

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